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Your perfect pocket-sized personal assistant for simple,

stress-free conceiving.

Leave the thinking to Eveline, and we’ll leave the fun to you.

The Problem
Maybe getting pregnant isn’t as automatic as you’ve always thought.

Don’t worry—you’re not alone. (Not even close.) The average woman is only actually fertile for about five days per cycle, and fitting getting busy (ahem) into your busy schedule can turn such an exciting, pivotal moment in your life into just one more stressful chore scribbled at the top of your to-do list.

Your body produces hormones when you’re fertile that can be sensed in your urine. However, these tests just replace one set of worries with another. Reading tiny test strips and keeping exhaustive charts (probably stuck to your fridge, waiting to be discovered by friends you aren’t quite ready to tell about your plans) is a full time job. Digital tests are an improvement, but still demand careful + constant recordkeeping.

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We’re here to do better.

The Eveline uses an easy, discreet clip-on attachment for your phone to hold test strips in front of your camera, where our app can automatically measure your fertility with pinpoint accuracy.

It also keeps track of your previous results, and crunches those numbers in a powerful learning program to discover your personal biological rhythm, giving you a heads-up of upcoming fertile days (whether or not you set up a countdown clock like a moon rocket is up to you).

Leave the thinking to Eveline, and we’ll leave the fun to you.

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