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Eveline smart ovulation test 10 OPK test strips

Ovulation Tests
Brand: Eveline

Smart ovulation test strips with digital fertility monitor App - The easiest ovulation predictor Kit for women - FDA listed for 99% accuracy.



Worried about missing a test?

The Eveline app records every test result automatically. It keeps track of your fertility cycle and issues a gentle reminder when it’s time to take the test again.
Eveline covers all the basics. All you have to do is perform the test and check the results. That easy!
Say goodbye to complicated tracking systems.

Easy to Use

Eveline Removes All Your Stresses in 3 Easy Steps.

Simple Urine Tests

Use the simple urine test a few days after your menstrual period. Our OB-GYN-recommended strips can detect the surge of LH level, which is the ovulation indicator.

Our Miracle App Goes To Work

The handy clip-on reader that is attached to your smartphone’s front camera will automatically analyze the results and record them in the app for future tracking!

It’s Baby-Making Time!

The app will take care of the rest. You will be duly notified to re-take the test in order to confirm the results. Finally, you will be reminded in advance that your fertile days are coming up! From then on, it’s up to you!


Eveline’s unique clip-on reader transforms your ordinary smartphone into the best tool for conception.
Together with the Eveline smart app, you get accurate results.
Expect to see a smiley face if you’re in PEAK fertility. This means you can start making plans for some alone time with your partner.

Property Value
Weight & dimensions
Product weight 69 g
Product dimensions 188x89x61 mm
Gender Female
Batteries required
EAN code 04719872950202